2023 CA SxS State Championship & Exhibition Results

Hall of Fame Inductees:   NorCal = Don Derobertis;   SoCal = Bill Bell
High Attendance:  NorCal = 27;   SoCal = 11
Kitto Shelton Award:  
SoCal = 1979   (Bill Bell, Bob Brosi, Tim Cicora, Mel Cohen, Bill Lilliott, Mike Marshall, Tom Sceberras, Steve Sipprell, Robert Szerwo, Ole Vandborg)
NorCal = 2200   (Alton Anker, Dan Danell, Tim Deniz, Don Derobertis, Michael Dickinson, Bob Donley, Laron Fields, Bobby Grilli, Gary Long, Dave Slade)
Exhibition:  Judges Jeff Edman, Bill Bell, Clark Olovson  1st = Roger Odle, 2nd = Dave Slade, 3rd = Bobby Grilli
People’s Choice:  Roger Odle for his Rigby Rising Bite matched pair, 12 bore cased
HOA Aggregate:   279  Ole Vandborg 
HOA Hammer Gun:   236  Don Derobertis
HOA L.C. Smith Gun (sponsored by Frank Finch and the L.C. Smith Collector’s Assoc):   232 Tim Cicora
HOA Parker Gun (sponsored by Bobby Grilli):   227  Bill Bell
High Score 5-Stand w/LC Smith Gun (sponsored by Mel Cohen):  Ole Vandborg   
High Score 5-Stand w/Parker Gun (sponsored by Dave Fjelline and Alton Anker):  1st = Bill Bell;  2nd = Bobby Grilli
100 Sporting Clays:  Champion = Tim Deniz;  A-Class = Bill Bell;  B-Class = Tom Sceberras;  C-Class = Dave Slade
50 Small-Gauge Sporting Clays:  Champion = Gary Delecce;  A-Class = Bill Lilliot;  B-Class = Jerry Pantaleo;  C-Class = Buster Borst
20 Yd SxS Trap Singles:  Champion = Mike Marshall;  A-Class = Dave Slade;  B-Class = Bill Bell;  C-Class = John Ratto
25 Yd SxS Handicap Singles:  Champion = Laron Fields;  A-Class = Tim Deniz;  B-Class = Bob Donley;  C-Class = Robert Szerwo
20 Yd Vintage SBT:   Champion = Dave Slade;  A-Class = Don Derobertis;  B-Class = John Ratto;  C-Class = Alton Anker
16 Yd Trap Doubles:  Champion = Don Derobertis;  A-Class = Alton Anker;  B-Class = Laron Fields;  C-Class = Tim Cicora
16 Yd Wobble:  Champion = Gary Long;  A-Class = Ole Vandborg;  B-Class = Dave Towers;  C-Class = Frank Finch
5-Stand:  Champion = Rob Robinson;  A-Class = Mike Marshall;  B-Class = Bill Lilliott;  C-Class = Dave Slade
Double Rifle:  Champion = Laron Fields;  A-Class = Dave Slade;  B-Class = Laurence Frank;  C-Class = Ole Vandborg
Daily Pot Shoots (Long Shot)
Thursday = No shooters
Friday = Tim Deniz
Saturday = Tim Deniz

18 March Sporting Clays shoot @ Quail Point

Sporting Clays scores:
Michael Dickinson 84  HOA 
Gary De Lecce 71  “A” Class 
Dave Towers 38  “B” Class 
Gary also brought along two guests, Ian Teresi (64) and his son Jack (63).

Coyote Valley Sporting Clays
Oct. 30th 

A special thanks to Jerry and Gary for putting this shoot together. The weather was perfect for the day. The course was challenging and the food on the menu was great. Our gun display theme was Winchester model 21. Our winner was Bobby grilli with his Grand American
with providence. Congratulations Bobby! Please enjoy the pictures to follow.

Jesse Barnes Memorial Sporting Clays & Swap Meet

Sunday, 09 October at Birds Landing Sporting Clays & Hunting Preserve.

We had a great fall day!. 26 shooters turned out for the event. Birds Landing has made a bunch of changes to the front course,
and the targets are very challenging without being “shake your head and walk away difficult”.

Alton Anker shot an 87, for High Over-All honors.
“A” Class winner was Michael Dickinson with a score of 83
“B” Class winner was Ron Howen with a score of 72
“C” Class winner was Jerry Hamilton with a score of 63

There was no exhibition at this shoot in favor of the swap meet.

Quail Point on Saturday the 28th 2021

Here are the results of our latest shoot held at Quail Point on Saturday the 28th. We shot a short but challenging course under warm skies, no wind, and poor air quality.

We had 25 shooters, and the HOA score was a 91 by Michael Dickinson. We had ties in both A & C class. The  “A” class winner was Gary DeLecce with a 77, “B” class winner was Dave Fjelline with a 71, and “C” class winner was Tony Pratali with a 57.

The exhibition theme for this shoot was British sidelocks, and Roger Odle had the “Coveted Gun of the Month”, a Holland & Holland Pre-Royal manufactured in 1884 with 30” British Best Damascus barrels. Cased (by Vern Brinkerhoff) w/accessories, original label, and manufactures letter. It came out of the estate of Henry Warburton. Warburton’s are the largest bread distributors in the British Isles.

Nor-Cal Side x Side Society’s next event is at Raahauge’s in Dunnigan.

This will be 100 sporting clays. The date is Saturday, 25 SeptemberSHOOT TIME IS 9:30am, so please show up in time to sign in, squad, and pay. They will have lunch available.

The exhibition theme for this shoot will be “American-made shotguns”.

Also on the schedule is 100 sporting clays at Birds Landing on Saturday, 16 October.  SHOOT TIME IS 9:30 am, so please show up in time to sign in, squad, and pay. Once you pay, please gather up your shooting gear and meet in the parking lot.  Birds Landing will NOT be giving out scorecards to individual shooters.  They will hold them for me, and we’ll squad up, and I’ll pass out scorecards and “target cards” in the parking lot. They will have lunch available.

 The theme for this shoot will be “Continental” shotguns & Drillings.

Ater this shoot, we’ll also have a swap meet.  I’ve not been involved in one of these, so I’m looking forward to it myself.

Questions?  Contact me or Dave Slade…

Into the wind,

[email protected]


Nor-Cal Side x Side Society Grouse Butt Shoot results

Our “Grouse Butt” SxS chapter shoot was held on Saturday, 24 July at Camanche Hills Hunting Preserve & Sporting Clays. We had 18 shooters (9 RSVPs…  Makes it had to plan).

We started on time, shot under pleasant skies, with no wind, but things got warm in a hurry.

As most of you know, we break up into 3-person squads and shoot from stone “butts”.  Each squad shot at 25 targets launched randomly, and continuously from 7 different trap machines, and then moved to the next butt.  Once each person shot from all three butts (one rotation) we changed squads and did it all over again.  We shot two rotations for a score, and a third for fun.

The winning squad was made up of Roger Odle (he’s on a roll, in the winner’s circle twice in a row!), Mike Krezman, and Michael Dickinson. Each received a 5th of Famous Grouse Smokey Black Scotch.  The runner-up squad was made up of Keith Stone, John Cressey, and Ron Howen, and each of them took home a bottle of Famous Grouse Cask scotch.

All this was followed by lunch and our usual exhibition of fine guns. This month’s theme was British boxlocks. We had six guns exhibited, and John Hilt’s rare David McKay Brown 20 gauge was selected as the gun we most covet this month.  John was rewarded with a 5th of Famous Grouse Winter Blend scotch (must have been a grouse/scotch theme going on?).

All that and a raffle too.  Every shooter went home with something.  We discussed what the most desirable raffle prizes were, and shotgun shells top the list by a wide margin (12ga & 20 ga), followed by “shooting accessories” (cleaning rods, oil, snap caps, etc.).

The next event…  We’re scheduled to shoot at Quail Point Hunting Club in Zamora. Lunch from their menu.  This will be 100 sporting clays. The date is Saturday, 28 August.  SHOOT TIME IS 9:30am, so please show up in time to sign in, squad, and pay. 

Shells are hard to come by these days, don’t count on being able to get any at Quail Point.

Questions?  Contact me or Dave Slade…

Into the wind,


[email protected]