California Side by Side Society


The California Side by Side Society is a group of men & women dedicated to the collection, preservation, heritage, and enjoyment of the side by side shotgun and rifle.  No other gun elicits the romance of history and gun-making like the side by side.

If you love the Side by Side like we do, you might consider joining in the fun. We don’t just appreciate our guns. We shoot ’em too!

Every year, each of our chapters host many events at their perspective local shooting ranges. All of which culminates into a Statewide Championship in 7 different events such as Sporting Clays, Doubles Trap, Continental, Duck Tower, 24yd Trap, Sub Gauge, and Single barrel Trap 25yd.

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Hopefully we’ll see you at one of the many CSXSS sponsored shooting events.

May 13 – May 16, 2021