Northern Ca. SxS Member - Shoot Report for the Stockton Sporting Clays & Turkey shoot, held last Saturday the 21st of March.  It was a beautiful day (ho hum) It's hard to find a bad day this year. This is a remarkably interesting Sporting Clay course for it's compact size.  Most of the targets are at reasonable distances, only 1 & 1/2 of the ten stations were at a difficult range.  Yet even the closer targets kept you on your toes.  The way the traps were set at angles made the clay targets curve one way or the other. 

Two of our shooters quickly figured it out - Don Berry shooting his Winchester 21 & Rob Shelton using a W,& C Scott, both shot the high score of 77.  The other three top scores for the (Hi-Five) were - Steve Helsley, a Lifter Powell (naturally) 73.  Larry Shelton, a Purdey 72 ,Mike Krezman, a Parker 69.
After all Sporting Clays shooting was finished, we utilized the station nearest our gathering to shoot the Turkey target.  These targets picture a turkey head and neck, with a kill zone printed on it.  Scored by the number of pellet holes in the kill zone at 45 yards.  Three shooters had eight holes each in kill zones and tied for first place.  John Murdock (shooting a W. W. Greener) Jim Beutecale (a Holloway) & Larry Shelton (a Purdey).  They elected to divide the prize, a case of shells.
After shooting the FAVORITE GUNS were displayed for judging, each member voted for the gun he liked best.  Each gun owner spoke of his guns merits.
The votes were tallied by Jesse Barnes (our esteemed score keeper for the day)  Steve Helsley's, Cased Powell
Lifter design, won the vote.
Steve also gave us a up to date accounting of the NRA-ILA, Steve is very involved in this organization and has done some great work, protecting gun owner rights.
Lastly door prizes were drawn for.  Don Patterson won a case of shotgun shells. Some of the other prizes were - turkey decoys, LED lights, hot seat cushion, shotgun accessories, etc.

Larry Shelton
Author of newly released book J. P. Clabrough Gunmaker