Sporting Clays Shoot - Quail Point- January 31, 2015
Black Powder Quail Hunt

Northern Ca. Chapter Members - We held our hunt at Quail Point Hunt Club North of Woodland.  The high temperature for the day was 70 degrees, but with a 25 mile per hour wind the shooting was very tricky.  I heard alot of comments about missing birds so I know it was not just me.  The wind made for tougher shooting but did clear the smoke away faster giving the hunter another chance, which he often needed.  Each hunter had 10 quail planted, two or three hunters per field.  Any center fire shotgun could be used with black powder shells. We experienced shooting the way our for-fathers did in the early years of the SxS (Lots of smoke).  If a muzzle loader was used that hunter received 10 extra points to his bird count.   This goes toward his yearly total score (if he shot 6 quail he would add 10 points =16).  After the last event of the year, all the scores will be added.  The highest score will win 5 cases of shells. 2nd place 2 cases & 3rd 4th & 5th a case each.

There were three brave hunters using muzzle loaders - Dave Slade used a flintlock 20 ga. made by G. Farmer, Jerry Mele, a Pedersoli 12ga. and  Rob Shelton a Ellis 14ga.  All-in-all we all had a great time, as with most hunts there are some interesting stories.  Like Dave Slade making a 40 yard shot with his 20ga. flintlock, or when Rob Shelton's dog Pippa pointed the whole while he was loading his muzzle-loader, then walked over and made the shot.  Everyone had, (the one I missed) tail.

The lunch party is always fun and this one was no exception.  After all the camaraderie and tall tails were told and lunch was consumed.  The guns were displayed and each hunter voted for the bird gun they liked best.  We had a tie between Dave Slade's Fox and Jim Gleason's cased Dougall.  They choose to divide the case of shells.  (See Pictures

The door prizes were last on the agenda - Jerry Mele won the case of shells, Ken Descovich won a toilet plunger in the shape of a shotgun and there were many small prizes in-between all keeping the shotgun theme. 

Larry Shelton, Northern Ca. Chapter Chairman