Stockton Event - March 22, 2014

Great Central Valley SxS Members - Saturday the 22nd of March we had our Stockton shoot.  It included 100 Sporting Clay targets and five 100 yard crossing targets.  We had thirty shooters at Sporting Clays of which 20 shot the 100 yard event.  The field of Sporting Clay targets seemed to be suitable for a gun choked open in one barrel and tight in other.  Of course, the 100 yard target needed a lot of choke.   From what I observed most members enjoyed the 100 targets of the Sporting Clays and had a lot of fun trying to hit the 100 yard target.  Of the 100 targets shot at in the 100 yard event, only 4 were hit.  When one was broke the crowd would give a big cheer.  Dave Slade was the fifth shooter and the first to break one.  About five shooters later, Jim Koudela broke two clays of his five targets, to win the event.  I was last shooter and broke the fourth clay.  It seemed luck was as important as skill. 

This shoot was a make up event, it had been scheduled earlier in March, but was rescheduled due to a rain forecast.  This day was a picture perfect day, blue skies and a light breeze, most wore short sleeve shirts. 

After shooting we drove to the other end of the club for lunch at the Bocci club, we ordered from a special menu for us.  Mike the bartender had tables arranged for the gun displays with white table clothes, which were soon filled with great side by sides.  Each gun owner then gave a account of his gun, it's rareness, when it was made, or in otherwords it's merits.  Jim Gleason's Leeson hammer gun won the vote. It was made by William Richard Leeson of Ashford, Kent, England.  This hammer gun has a bar-in-wood action, damascus barrels that are nitro proofed, fully engraved with very nice wood.  Jim tells me he took possession of it about a month ago from a English trader.  Leeson was located in Ashford circa 1883 - 1909.  The gun has been proofed three different times 1st 1904 - 1925, 2nd proof 1925 - 1954 and last proof 1989 - 2005.  Leeson had a shop in London from 1899 - 1933.

Above the entrance to the Ashford shop was a sign showing the Royal Arms stating Rifle maker by appointment to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.  Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg Gotha was the second son of Queen Victoria.  The English royalty had guns made by the best workmen, so Alfred also thought Leeson guns had merit.  Gleason won a case of shells.

After the Gleason presentation five highest scores from the Sporting Clays competion were called upon for the photo oppt.  1st place -  Mike Barth with a score of 86. 
          2nd - Roger Odle with 82.
          3rd - tie bet. Mike Krezman and Rob Shelton with 75.
          5th - Bob Christensen 72.

Larry Shelton
Author of newly released book J. P. Clabrough Gunmaker