Raahauge Hunt Club North of Woodland - June 14, 2014

G.C.V. Chapter, SxS Members - 22 shooters from our SxS Chapter meet at the Raahauge Hunt Club North of Woodland for our annual Raahauge Sporting Clays shoot.  We found the the club hadn't changed since last year, except no Bee's. The temperature was perfect, due to the 20-mile an hour wind, but it played havoc with the scores.  Looks like a 20-mile per hour wind decreased scores by 20%.  Maybe we could develop a handicapping formula for wind.  It did add an aire of excitement and uncertainty to the event. It was good to see Larry Ruppert back in our membership again, after spending a couple years back East.

By noon all were off the course ready for their barbqued hamburgers, chips and cold drinks. 
The Parker's were laid out on display ready for members to vote on their favorite one.  Steve Ginter's beautiful Parker won the Favorite Gun contest. Steve says his Parker 143*** began life in 1906 as a VHE  30” barrels, choked - 40 & 40.  Up graded by Frank Pachmayr middle to late 1970s. engraved by Angelo Bee   employed by Pachmayr at that time.  Two years ago it was restocked by Show-me Gun Stocks In Missouri.  Steve won a case of shells.

Our top five shooters were - Roger Odle 68, Don Berry 66, Steve Ginter 64, Marty McDonald 63, Mike Krezman 61. Last on the event menu was door prizes.  Almost everyone won a door prize- from a case of shells to a unick wine bottle stopper.

Larry Shelton, President of the Great Central Valley Chapter
Author of newly released book J. P. Clabrough Gunmaker