Quail Point - February 15, 2014

SxS members - The SxS Quail hunt February 15th at Quail Point was the best yet. This was our first chapter event of the year.  We had 20 hunters, and enough member dogs to pair with members that did not have a dog.  We normally have 10 - 14 hunters for this hunt.  We had such a large turn out that Quail Point had to substitute 2 chukar per hunter, so each hunter had 8 quail & 2 chukar (no body complained).  Most fields had 2 or 3 hunters, one or two had 4 hunters. As noted in photo's above Jerry Russell, Steve Colley & Dave Slade had a outstanding day with a bag of 37 birds.
By noon most where in club house ordering lunch.  After lunch members displayed their guns on tables after which hunters voted for their favorite quail gun.  Don Berry counted the votes for us and the winning gun was a cased Theophilus Murcott bar-in-wood hammer gun. belonging to Jim Gleason.  Jim choose from the prize table a case of 20 ga. shells.  Jim used this gun in the hunt, I could always tell when this gun went off, I would hear a loud thunder and when I looked in that direction I would see a cloud of smoke in front of him, luckily his dog could see under the smoke and would retrieve the bird.  I could tell it gave Jim great joy hunting with this gun in conjunction with his dog.

Discussion - Our new President Pat Moore, the championship event April 4,5 & 6, the Duck Tower, the 100 yard target, etc. Door prizes won by - Jeff Edman, a new book on shotgun maker J. P. Clabrough, by Lawrence P. Shelton - John Hilt, a cented candle in the shape of a large shotgun shell - Steve Colley, yea besides having such a good hunt he won a night light in the shape of a wild turkey - Jerry Mele won a mallard duck paper towel holder - Dave Slade, a sxs apron (has a sxs gun on front) - new member Harvey Weed won 4 coasters with quail pictured on them - Jon Webb, a trivet with old time hunting scene on it - Jim Beutecale, won a trap portable thrower - and Bob Christensen a California SxS logo tee shirt.


All in all we had a great time and if I must say so, we,re a great bunch of SxS'ers.

Our next shoot will be March 1st at Stockton. 100 bird sporting clays, $36.00, 9:00am,
lunch from there menu.  Door prizes and most liked shotgun prize.  We will have a 100 yard crossing shot, 7-1/2 size shot, good practice for Fresno.

Larry Shelton, President of the Great Central Valley Chapter
Author of newly released book J. P. Clabrough Gunmaker