On Saturday, May 23 the Northern SxS Chapter held a 100 bird Sporting clays shoot at Birds Landing. 23+ sxs members attended the event. We shot their new course. It has six stations that are each used twice, making 12 stations, four trap machines at each station. It’s always fun to shoot a new course. Some of us had a hard time figuring out some shots others were fast learners.

At the top of the fast learners was Dave Fjelline. Dave had a accident last year almost putting his right eye out [his shooting eye] and now only has 25% vision in that eye. Well, you can’t hold a good man down. Dave has rigged up a sighting plane, on the left side of barrels, which lets him use his left eye to aim. Consequently Dave had the high score of the day. I marvel at his determination.

After shooting we had lunch in the shade of the pavilion followed by the awards of the FAVORITE GUN voting.

Roger Odle’s gun was voted Favorite Gun, he received a case of shells. Gun is all original (except barrels re-browned by Clark)12 bore Holland & Holland pre Royal, manufactured in 1885. It has 30-inch Damascus barrels choked .005 & .015. The case was from Vern's private stash that Roger talked him in to selling and was fitted by him as his last project. All accessories and factory letter were supplied by David Cruz of H&H in New York.

Steve Helsley’s - William Powell & Son was runner-up - 12-b lifter, Best quality - sold in 1876 for £30. 30-inch laminated steel barrels.  - Steve won a nice slip case with shoulder carrying strap. Gun cased by Ruppert.

Next we honored the top five shooters, our HI-FIVE.
As noted above, Dave Fjelline had top honor with a score of - 85.
Second highest score Mike Krezman – 78.
3rd place Roger Odle - 69.
4th place Rob Shelton - 66.
5th place tie bet. Larry Ruppert & Bob Hill - 64.

Last we drew for door prizes. We had lots of sxs logo hats, shirts & tee shirts plus other prizes. Everyone won something.
Kirk Lubbes had some of Vern Brinkerhoff's items there to give away and sell.


The 20th of June we are again invited to the Carson Valley Sporting Clays (a deluxe private club) shoot in Nevada. We had a great time their last year. I will send a separate email for this shoot.

Larry Shelton
Author of newly released book J. P. Clabrough Gunmaker