2018 California Side By Side State Shoot
State Shoot

To my fellow Side by Siders,

This past week we have completed our 2018 State Championship & Exhibition. Thursday, which is normally quiet and slow, began in a rush. 35 shooters were ready to begin early as the forecast of rain was pending. The sporting clay course was opened at 9:30 and the shoot was on. Trappers arrived at 12 noon and the traps were open and in full swing. Registration went very smoothly as many of the shooters had their event tickets prepaid and at will-call. They received their envelope and were off to the range. Many thanks to Dodie Slade and Peggy Potter for keeping the office running smoothly.

Thursday stayed dry and the rain did not begin until Friday at 3:15 with a light drizzle. Ten shooters were competing in the Double Rifle event and the drizzle added to the shooting of the leopard target which blended into the background. Great job Robert Szerwo for the fun course of fire for the event. After the rifle shoot, it was under the canopy for a wonderful catered dinner and raffle. Thank you Phil Fayne for securing the large canopy and thank you Hank Cook for securing the Caterer. Our members really stood up and brought many great prizes for our raffle and auction this year.

Saturday morning the rain continued and this allowed us to see all of the gun displays in the clubhouse. Members voted for the “People’s Choice award” and the judges judged for “Best Displays”. A special thanks to our members who volunteered to be Judges. Pat Kirkendall, John Hilt, Laron Fields and Steve Helsley.

The rain stopped at 11:30 and the ranges were full of shooters by noon. We stayed dry for the remainder of the event.

Dinner was served at 5:00. A side bet was made as to who would have the most members present - the North Chapter or the South Chapter. (North-28 South-18) The wager was a bottle of Jack Daniels. The North won this year and the bottle was passed around for all to share. A re-match is on for next year.

This year’s raffle and auction was the best yet. Many prizes were donated by our members.

Thank you Jerry Mele for organizing the raffle and auction. It was a very smooth operation. Of note were a set of four custom rims for a Ford F-150, a duck hunt at Mystic Lake Duck Club, and the grand raffle prize of a Windsor 20 ga. sxs (like new in the box ). A special surprise was our Auctioneer Don Derobertis who stepped up for Hank (The Voice)due to a sore throat. Everyone got in the mood for bidding.

Thank you Mike Rich for your work on obtaining the trophies for our event.

Now came the time for the scores to be tallied and the awards presented. Here is the list:

Sporting Clay Main-
Kyler Hamann HOA, Dave Slade A class, Mike Delenio B class, Jerry Mele C class
Sporting Clay sub ga.- Phil Fayne Jr. HOA, Jim Ham A class, Ken Descovich B class, Dave Fjelline C class
5-stand- Mike Dickinson HOA, Bill Bell A class, Shorty Colsanto B class, Laron Fields C class
Duck Tower- Robert Chavez HOA, Bill Bell A class, Bob Brosi B class, Harvey Weed C class
SxS Trap singles-Art Lavagnino HOA, Mike Delenio A class, Pat Kirkendall B class, Don Derobertis C class
Vintage SBT- Robert Szerwo HOA, Robert Chavez A class, Richard Edlund B class, Mel Cohen C class
SxS Trap Doubles-Keith Ackerman HOA, Ken Evans A class, Tony Biebl B class, Hank Cook C class
Continental Trap- by shoot off- Ken Desvovich HOA, Phil Fayne Jr. A class, Steve Helsley B class

Mel Cohen C class.
Double Rifle- Tony Biebl HOA, Robert Szerwo A class, Dave Slade B class, Harry Kauffman C class.
High Over All Champion-Ole Vandborg
High Over All Hammer gun-Bill Bell
High Over All with L.C.Smith – Ken Descovich
High on 5 stand with a Parker-Bill Bell
Best Gun Display- Larry Shelton 1 st , Dave Fjelline 2 nd , Frank Finch 3 rd
People’s Choice- Ken Descovich with L.C. Smith monogram grade.
I wish to thank all of our members who participated and made this such a successful event.

Best Regards,
Dave Slade - President-California Side by Side Society
"Dedicated to the collection, preservation, heritage & enjoyment of the Side by Side Shotgun & Rifle"